SAPTASHRUNGI SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS , based at Thane, is in the business of developing customised software for various applications.. Commissioning development in the year 1992, it is serving many corporates and private business houses. It is also servicing educational institutes. Saptashrungi Computer Education Centre, Damani Computers, Vishu IT Solutions, SRS Solutions Pvt. Ltd. are its sister concerns operating in IT Training, data processing, providing hardware and software solutions, supplying computer consumables. Mr. Rahul Nakhwa promotes the group.

Job Processing

Educational, Banking, Data Security Systems, Managments are Major sectors of our IT Business.

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Handled Projects

Online & Offine Softwares for BackOffice, including Banks, Society, Workshops, Students.

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Development Team

Adventures in Software Development. Responsibilities of a Team Leader. Working on the highest priority .

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Student Information System

A student information system (SIS) is a software application for education establishments to manage student data. Also known as student information management system (SIMS), student records system (SRS), student management system (SMS), campus management system (CMS) or school management system (SMS).

Financial Accounting / Payment System / Dispatch Management

The payment system is an operational network - governed by laws, rules and standards - that links bank accounts and provides the functionality for monetary exchange using bank deposits. The payment system is the infrastructure (consisting of institutions, instruments, rules, procedures, standards,and technical means) established in effect the transfer of monetary value between parties discharging mutual obligations. Its technical efficiency determines the efficiency with which transaction money is used in the economy, and risk associated with its use.